About Us

Forex and crypto trading have become most popular in recent years as an increasing number of people are trying their luck in these lucrative financial markets. However, choosing a reliable broker is the key to trading. Although it might sound simple, there are countless brokers operating today, and new ones are coming every day! How can you choose one? Where to look? At 55 Forex Brokers, it is our aim to help you choose a suitable broker and make your broker-finding experience less stressful and simple so that you can enjoy greater profits by starting your trading journey quickly, and that too without worrying about the safety of your funds.


We wanted to create a platform where traders could access all the brokers’ information in one place. This led to the creation of 55 Forex Brokers, where you can find everything from reviews to blogs related to forex and crypto trading. We are a one-stop shop for traders searching for information on top brokers worldwide. We recommend you don’t choose a broker based on your gut; instead, go through our in-depth reviews to make the right decision.